January 27, 2013

I was born in London but grew up in Sicily. On my return to the UK as a teenager, I very quickly came to realise the difficulties of integrating into this new life speaking only a foreign language. I was teased and bullied, and this made me determined to learn English without a recognisable accent, which I achieved in 6 months.

Later, I followed the family tradition and joined the British Army. At 10.5 stone I was the skinniest recruit in the squadron, so was ordered to receive double rations! I was determined to become stronger than my comrades, physically and mentally. Over the course of 9 years I completed many gruelling courses, on some of which I came too close to meeting my maker. I pushed myself hard and became an Army Physical Training Instructor as well as a Diving Instructor, training others to increase their physical and mental strength and as a result of that, accomplish greater things in their work.

It is this experience and my thirst for excellence that has equipped me with the right tools to enable YOU to realise your dreams. Vince creates challenging programmes which make training enjoyable and effective with the help of goal-setting plans and nutritional tips.

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