How fit are you?

Many people ask me this question every week. Literally not a week passes by when someone hasn’t asked, so I’m very good answering this… I’m very fit! Before you all call this a show off comment, I want to refer you to the definition: Noun/ the condition of being physically sturdy and robust, therefore physically[…]

How to survive the office Party!

Not a good look! We’ve all had that feeling the morning after a Christmas party…but follow these top tips and you will be more likely to stick to your long term fitness goals. – Drink at least a litre of water just before turning up. You should try to hit your daily allowance – which[…]


Festive treats

If you’re struggling to buy for a loved one then why not buy him or her a new… him or her!?! Tis the season to be jolly and I feel like giving, as always I have to limit this to only a few and therefore I’m giving you until this Sunday to take this opportunity.[…]


Fit for families

Since January I’ve began taking classes in my local area after a chance discovery that there is no solution to being fit without childcare. This has been reinforced by the popularity of it and I’m pleased to say that last week I decided to venture towards a weekend class which moves away from the weekday[…]