Detox diets, what are you paying for?

I’ve come across many people who have ‘recommended’ me to a new Detox diet especially in the last few days, usually to get me to distribute it to my clients and as you know I don’t ever speak of any. Why?

I use common sense and ask myself, what are they getting rid of? What is the toxin and is it measurable? What am I or my clients spending their money on? Of course some of these charlatans are going as far as letting you ingest high concentration of polymers which harden your stools and make you feel (literally, painfully) you’ve invested well(??) or there is the ‘foot pad detox’ which turns these pads brown in the night, so when you wake up you feel ‘clean’ (or just pour water on the foot pad and see the same results).

Keep your cash, exercise and eat healthily. There is no magic pill, juice, cream, footpad or colonic irrigation yet.