Fit for families

Since January I’ve began taking classes in my local area after a chance discovery that there is no solution to being fit without childcare.

This has been reinforced by the popularity of it and I’m pleased to say that last week I decided to venture towards a weekend class which moves away from the weekday parent and child model but means a little more intensity can be achieved.

I asked myself what is the ultimate aim that I’m trying to achieve and that is to build a fitness level and with that optimum health, to enable members to pursue their sporting goals, interests and adventures without health being a limiting factor. This is something so many young parents become aware of.

The classes are an hour long and as a true believer that there isn’t one way to skin a cat, they involve a mixture of high intensity cardio drills as well as basic strength movements, so that with the former we promote fat loss and then we build muscle for optimal body composition, in lay-man’s term more muscle = more food.

Streatham Family Fit classes are held every Wednesday and Friday at 10am and Saturdays at 9am at The Rookery on Streatham Common. All abilities are catered for and babies & buggies are welcome. Join the Facebook group for updates and tips: