How fit are you?


Many people ask me this question every week. Literally not a week passes by when someone hasn’t asked, so I’m very good answering this… I’m very fit!

Before you all call this a show off comment, I want to refer you to the definition: Noun/ the condition of being physically sturdy and robust, therefore physically able.

I am capable of running for long periods of time, lift, push, pull, press, twist my own body weight and heavy loads in equal comparison to my body weight.

I meet many people who cannot do some or all of the above, possibly because they are there to see me for this reason.


You can test yourself right now, no equipment needed. The 7 primal movements you should achieve are:

  • A squat.
  • A lunge.
  • A spinal twist, like a ball throw.
  • Press an object above your head, like a shoulder press
  • Pull an object towards you, e.g. a bent-over row.
  • Push an object away from you, e.g. a press up.
  • Gait, the ability to walk, jog, run and sprint.

This last movement is divided into different levels, just as much as you could raise the weight of all the others above.

The frequency dictates how quickly you rise up the ranks of difficulty, which with some expert coaching will be even quicker.

I would begin by training three times a week, then you can step it up once you begin recovering from each session especially if your type of training is varied. Certainly try and fit as much as you can but always be conscious of being recovered before training, by doing all the good things like hydrating, sleeping and refuelling.