How to survive the office Party!

Not a good look!

We’ve all had that feeling the morning after a Christmas party…but follow these top tips and you will be more likely to stick to your long term fitness goals.

– Drink at least a litre of water just before turning up. You should try to hit your daily allowance – which I work out as 1litre per 25kg of body weight – but this additional extra will mean you will be nursing your first drink and not chucking it down like it’s going out of fashion.
– Aim for the low calorie white spirits with a generous portion of low-calorie mixers such as sparkling water or light tonic.
– Have a drink routine, by putting your glass down on the table or counter often you avoid habitual drinking and you should top up your fluids every hour by drinking a mixer only drink (add a lime to create a decoy).
– Food wise, you ideally want to eat beforehand, having full control over your choices and portions, but if it’s a sit down meal then concentrate on simple foods which have visible nutrient sources such as meat and two veg and not the complex options such as stews and pies or foods heavy on the carbs. If finger food is on order and you failed to plan on advance then create your selection and do not go back for more.
– Put simply – be hydrated and with a full stomach to win!

Most importantly, enjoy the social aspect and if you do over-indulge, don’t beat yourself up or use it as an excuse to give up. Just get back on it the very next day, we all deserve the occasional night off!

Keep smiling